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boneswhiteboard's Journal

The Bones Fanfiction Whiteboard
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This community intended to be a sort of workshop for any and all of you Bones fanfic writers out there. And for those who are just readers, your input into discussions is very welcome. :)
What to post here
- Meta thoughts on Bones fanfiction.

- Requests for a 'brainstorming' partner.

- General disscussion of the process of fanfic writing.

- Resources fanfic authors might find useful.

- Offers to beta read, which go HERE. (So, if you're looking for a beta, check that post.)
What not to post here
- Your finished fanfic. Unfinished pieces you're having trouble with and would like some help with are great, but stuff you're looking to publish is better off at somewhere like bonesfic

- Fic recs. Using paticular pieces as part of a disscussion about examples of techniques, etc. that work is fantastic, but bones_recs has got straight out rec'ing covered.

- Non-fanfic related posts such as graphics, etc.

- Flames, or anything else that is otherwise disrespectful. Play nice, k?
wongfoo - a season one focused Bones community.

206_bones - a general Bones community.

If you would like to be an affiliate, leave a comment on my personal journal's FO entry, or email me at like_electric@hotmail.com. :)
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