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 Hello everyone!
I'm new to this comm, and I was wondering if anybody would be up for the job of being my semi-beta person. I haven't had one before, and I'm rather wary about the whole thing. I did check out the beta post, but I thought it would be much easier on my behalf to ask anybody who was willing, and easier on their behalf for them to volunteer, not reply to one of my emails about wanting to be a beta.

Or maybe that's my own personal opinion. Either way, here I am.

I'm not fussy on anything particular skills wise, just somebody that has a decent grasp of characterization and decent grammar (but that's a given, sort of), and doesn't mind fluff, slightly odd plot lines and Brennan/Booth.


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Hello all.

I need a beta. I need someone who is able to deal with seriously mature subject material, has no problem with AUs or non-canon pairings, who is good with characterization. They'll be viewing pieces of the story at a time.

Any takers? Please?
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I've had an idea for a fanfiction floating around in my head since I saw the finale, but before I jump into it, I'd like to get other fans' opinions on a few things.

1. I'm assuming that no psychiatric institution would take Zack based on the word of the FBI. Especially for cases involving a crime, people have to be evaluated by a board of psychologists and diagnosed. So my question is, what disorder(s) do you think Zack would be admitted with?

2. How do you think Zack and Sweets would interact?

3. What is going to happen to Zack's hands?

Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)
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So here's the thing. I need some help with fic writing. Long term basis, probably heavy on discussing characterisation. I'm looking for someone to act as a sounding board, more or less. Hash out plot (AHAHA), bounce ideas back and forth, that sort of thing.

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I'm not especially looking for a beta as such, which is why I didn't try out the ones listed in the beta post. :)

I'm not prolific, I hardly ever finish anything (which is why I need help with this sort of thing), and I'm busy irl so while I'm looking for an ongoing thing, the time involved won't be considerable. You're not going to get 30 pages of fic hefted at you every week or anything. I only write sporadically, and I don't think I've written anything over 6 pages in my life.

So, um, yeah. Any takers? I'm open to more than one 'someone'. The more opinions, the better off I'll be.
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Post-Christmas reading rant

Oh yes, this is the best time of year to have some reading marathons (instead of watching tv) :p Too bad I can't say I had some quality reading time.

There have been couple of things bothering me when reading a story. This goes both to writers and readers.

Let's start with readers. Comments like - "write more NOW!" or "You should totally do this/that" won't make me want to write more or faster - that's if I would write in the first place. Or better yet "OMGZ LIEK TEH BESTEZ STORY EVA" - Um... I think it's about time to clean your keyboard, your capslock seems to be STUCK! Not to mention - I'm not quite sure what language you were writing in! Leave those freaking acronyms for chat or sms-ing when you really need to save letter space.

Writers. For most of the time I prefer to call them authors. It's hard to call you a writer when:
1. your story consists of plain dialog
2. you don't type out full words but use acronyms (same goes for numbers)
3. you are too lazy to use spellcheck (it's not that hard, really)
4. you can't be bothered to do some basic research on the topic you chose for your story (you can't feel a baby kick in the first month of pregnancy and you don't start having all pregnancy symptoms next morning after sexual intercourse)
5. you can't be bothered to check how to write main character names properly (it's Seeley not Seely and Tempe not Temp)
6. you let readers decide what will happen next in the story (better yet - you initiate reader wars to decide which pairing should win)
7. you make readers leave a certain amount of comments or you won't write more (do me a favor - just DON'T write at all)

Constructive criticism. Dear reader - "Your story sucks" is not a criticism, it's a flame. Dear writer - bitching because I pointed out (nicely) some basic stuff you should or shouldn't do, deleting my comment and going bitching some more that I'm a bad guy - makes me wonder just how old you are. Can't take criticism? Well maybe you should disable commenting then.

P.s. I apologize for the rant. But I really, really wanted to get this off my chest!

*hops off the soap box*

showing vs. telling

This is a kind of tired subject as far as writing goes, but I've noticed a LOT of it in fanfic and thought it might be worth a mention. Does anyone else find it irritating when a fic does a whole lot of 'telling' instead of 'showing'? Not that there's anything at all wrong with the occasional 'she was tired', but when I read entire fics made up of sentences like 'Booth thought Brennan was irritating, she was so uptight and annoying ' I start to lose interest. Maybe it's a personal preference thing, but it just feels... stylistically lacking, I guess.  Don't say he finds her irritating, show us - have him snap or roll his eyes or something. And again, don't say she's uptight and annoying, show us through her actions, speech, etc. (which I don't think she is, btw, before people start throwing things :P). 

I also did some googling and found a page here with a (very) short article on showing vs. telling, and below it is a discussion that has arguments for both sides, which I thought was interesting. 



poking the muse?

Okay, first off, I have to apologize for my long absence - RL and computer issues have been conspiring to keep me offline. Bah.

And on to the point of this post...

Do you guys find that there are specific techniques/methods that help you form ideas for fics? Are there specific things that work well for you as sources of inspiration? What kind of process develops that first spark of an idea into a finished fic?

I can't say I have much system for generating ideas myself (although good song lyrics are always handy) and 'organizing' my ideas into fic form usually means jotting things down at randomly spaced intervals along the page, so I'm just interested to know how the inspiration/pre-fic stages work for other people. ;)